"The use of visible deterrent Selectamark to mark marine equipment was considered most effective"

Devon & Cornwall Constabulary

Leisure equipment is often left unattended or stored in secluded places when not in use and provides rich pickings for thieves who can command high prices for each item when they re-sell it whole or for parts.

Selectamark continues to lead the security market within the leisure sector. Our marking and identification schemes using RFID tags and our traditional property marking products provide the ideal way to deter theft of marine property, bicycles and caravans.

Boat marking
Valuable marine items including outboard motors, oars, fuel tanks, GPS equipment and VHS radio technology can all be marked with Selectamark or SelectaDNA. Details of the boat, equipment, serial numbers and their keeper can then be held on the Secure Asset Register (http://www.secureassetregister.com). Boat marking has been proven to deter thieves, but should your boat or equipment get stolen, property marking makes it far more likely that you’ll get it back. We also provide manufacturers with HIN number stencils to mark boats at point of manufacture.

Bike marking
With the average bicycle costing anywhere between £250-£1,000, it is becoming more and more important to protect a bike as you would any other asset - by marking it.

BikeRegister (http://www.bikeregister.com) is owned and maintained by Selectamark and is the UK’s leading online bike identification and registration initiative aiming to reduce cycle theft and identify stolen bikes.

Caravan marking
Many people view caravans as a second home, so it is no surprise that in some instances caravan theft can be as traumatic and inconvenient to victims as a residential burglary.

Around 1,200 caravans were stolen in the UK last year, with thieves often pulling up to their targeted vehicle, destabilising the alarm and wheel lock and then hooking up to the caravan and driving it away in less than 10 minutes.

To protect your caravan with Selectamark visit http://www.nationalcaravan.co.uk/Our_Schemes/cris_scheme.aspx


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