Q. Do I need just one stencil?
A. No, each stencil can only be used once, and you therefore need one stencil for each item

Q. How many markings should you get from a tube?
A. We allow 20 markings per tube. However it does depend on the length of the stencil and following the instructions correctly.

Q. Why is the tube only half full?
A. So that when opened the compound does not spill onto your fingers.

Q. How long will the stencil be?
A. This depends on the message, as well as the characters used - some letters are bigger than others and if 4mm, 5mm, or 7mm letters are chosen. As a guide, a stencil of 12 X 7mm characters will be approximately 8cm long.

Q. How long does the marking take to carry out?
A. Each marking takes approximately 30 seconds. If you are marking several items at once, then 5 should take around one and a half minutes.

Q. How quickly can Selectamark produce them?
A. We turn round most Selectamark orders in 1 working day, it is then up to the courier or the post. Customised products such as Supermark 2 labels will obviously take longer.

Q. Which compound do I need?
A. The blue is the most popular. This will mark most plastics, baked paint, plastic coating, wood and leather. If any of these surfaces are dark use UV Orange or White compound.

Q. How long will the compound keep?
A. Unopened the compound has a shelf life of one year. Once opened the compound should last one month. The compound should be kept in a cool place.

Q. Is compound included in the stencil price of Selectamark and Supermark?
A. Yes, within in the price structure, we supply 1 tube per 20 stencils, or 1 bottle per 50 stencils.

Q. How much is postage and packing?
A. P+P is charged at £6.60 for orders under £100, and £10.00 for orders over £100. Orders are sent by 1st class post if under £100. If over this amount, the goods are sent by next day courier service.

Q. Do any of the marking compounds mark metals?
A. Most metal items are coated - mainly with a baked-paint finish, and can therefore be marked with our plastic marking compound. For un-coated metals, we supply an Aluminium Marking Compound for bare and anodised Aluminium surfaces, and a Metal Etching Compound for all other metals.

Q. If we have compound left over from a previous order, can we order a stencil-only kit?
A. Yes, if you order a stencil-only kit the cost will be 2/3 of the list price.

Q. What is the maximum number of characters available per line?
A. 4mm size – up to 26 characters
5mm size – up to 22 characters
7mm size – up to 30 characters
* Please note that we wouldn’t recommend using stencils this length as they may not fit on the item you are marking.

Q. Will the blue compound mark dark pieces of equipment?
A. All the plastic marking compounds etch into the surface of the item - making them visible. However, the UV orange and White compounds will be more visible on darker items.

Q. What are your payment terms?
A. Our payment terms are 30 days from invoice date, UNLESS the order value is under £50.00 (inc. VAT) in which case we request payment with the order -either in the form of a cheque or credit card.


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