After several incidents of thefts of laptops at the college, we decided to opt for a very visible deterrent and try and make the laptops absolutely undesirable to thieves to start with. Hence, the use of Selectamark.
Nick Smeltzer, Director of IT Services at Warrington Collegiate

The (Formula 1) equipment that is being transported is not only vital for operations but is highly valuable. For this reason, we chose the TESA label because it has an extremely strong adhesive and is the most durable label option available.
A spokesperson from The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)

We are using Selectamark to stencil mark all of our new laptops. We have over 300 at the Academy which are stored in moveable cabinets which can be wheeled anywhere on the premises. We wanted to make sure they are traceable back to us in the event that any are stolen or misplaced. Selectamark makes this possible.
IT staff member from The Oxford Academy

We have had a massive campaign against boiler theft which has been driven by our local police. We have also visibly marked 10,000 boilers with Selectamark in homes across Merseyside. We are pleased to say that boiler theft has been reduced by up to 60% following the concerted efforts of the police to clampdown on theft and the blanket use of Selectamark to mark and identify all of our boilers.
Eric Wignall, One Vision Housing Gas Manager

Burglars should be aware that metal items in many of our local homes are now permanently and visibly marked with Selectamark and this immediately devalues the items, making them harder to sell on. It is impossible for a burglar to remove the marking and it will be immediately obvious to a police officer if someone has tried to do that.
Northumbria Police crime prevention adviser, Sandra Killeen

We want burglars to be aware of the fact that property in our homes is permanently and visibly marked with Selectamark and therefore it is not worth their while to steal it. By using permanent marking in our empty homes it reinforces to would-be thieves that they are more likely to get caught than get away with our property.
Chris Gaynor from 2010 Rotherham Housing

Selectamark is quick and easy to use and gives a neat, professional mark every time, making it very unattractive for thieves.
Sergeant Katey Martin, head of the Darwin Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team


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