We provide vital solutions to frontline services such as the NHS, Police and Government, to protect the public, employees and critical equipment and infrastructure from all types of crime.
We also provide key asset management solutions to vital public and private sector organisations. As it is important to keep them and their suppliers working at full capacity, we have kept our business open and are working safely and within the government guidelines.



"We opted for Selectamark as a very visible deterrent to make our laptops undesirable to thieves"

Nick Smeltzer, Director of IT Services, Warrington Collegiate

Theft from schools, colleges and universities continues to be a problem across the UK with laptops, interactive whiteboards, PCs, audio equipment and even musical instruments all targeted by thieves.

Classroom doors are frequently left unlocked and un-attended, offering thieves easy access to personal items and expensive ICT equipment.

Schools spend huge amounts of their budget in purchasing the latest ICT equipment, but if they aren’t protecting it properly, they could just be throwing money down the drain.

Low-cost visible property marking with Selectamark kits means the whole school or individual departments in universities and colleges can be protected from theft, saving thousands of pounds in losses.

As well as acting as a theft deterrent, Selectamark can also be used as an asset identification system, with simple sequential numbering on each Selectamark stencil or a printed number and barcode on a Supermark Custom label or personalised asset label


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