LogoMark Stencils

LogoMark Stencils

LogoMark Stencils

Minimum Order Quantity:20

The latest laser technology enables us to offer organisation logos,  and specific fonts to permanently mark your equipment. Logomark provides a highly professional and attractive marking, using the same tried and trusted stencil etching method as used on the Selectamark product. The Home Office recommends that your postcode should also be used in conjunction with your company name/logo.

All you need to do is email [email protected] with your logo, specify what other information you require on the stencils, and then count up how many items you have in the following colours and materials:

Light coloured plastic or painted metal
Dark coloured plastic or painted metal
Bare Aluminium
Other bare Metal

You can then process the order via the Stencil Maker page, and we will then supply you with your Logomark artwork for you to approve - please note that bridges are used on parts of the logo/lettering if required.

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