We provide vital solutions to frontline services such as the NHS, Police and Government, to protect the public, employees and critical equipment and infrastructure from all types of crime.
We also provide key asset management solutions to vital public and private sector organisations. As it is important to keep them and their suppliers working at full capacity, we have kept our business open and are working safely and within the government guidelines.


SelectaDOT is a microdot security marking system, which uses pinhead sized microdots printed with a unique Identification Number and a central property registration telephone number. Under a microscope the Selectadots look like this

Each identification kit contains approximately 1,000 uniquely coded microdots that can be used to discreetly identify your property.

SelectaDot can be applied to virtually anything and will provide you with one of the most cost effective yet simple to use theft deterrent systems available today.

You can apply as many or as few dots as you want to an item and only you will know their precise location. Anyone stealing a marked item will have no idea how many or where the dots have been placed.

SelectaDot provides you with a low cost simple to use unique property protection system, ideal for items which cannot be permanently and visibly marked - such as antiques, jewellery and church silver. Below: Selectadot Marking Kit


  • A free lifetime property registration
  • The ability to identify your assets and prove ownership
  • Discreet marking of any item
  • A cost effective theft deterrent - mark 100s of items
  • Simple to use can be applied safely and quickly

Each SelectaDot property protection kit contains:

  • Approximately 1000 dots with applicators
  • Comprehensive user instructions
  • Self-adhesive warning stickers
  • Freepost registration card

This kit is no longer available. Please click here if you are interested in buying a SelectaDNA kit instead or call 01689 860757 to discuss an alternative.


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