Selectamark is now able to provide you with a true DNA property marking system which holds Secured By Design accreditation. For the latest in marking and identifying your property SelectaDNA is a unique theft deterrent which really works.

Used in conjunction with the warning and window stickers supplied, the dna marking system will deter thieves from stealing all the expensive items in your home or work place. SelectaDNA comes in a pot of adhesive solution to apply to any valuable items of property. It is virtually impossible to remove every trace of SELECTADNA and each trace links criminals to the crimes they commit.

The DNA code along with the customers details are held on our secure LPCB approved database thereby allowing recovered property to be traced back to its rightful owner after analysis - even a tiny molecule of glue can be used to determine who the item really belongs to. As a further means of identification, each pot of SelectaDNA contains at least 1000 microdots.

Mark all types of valuable assets such as:

  • Computers, Laptops, PDA’s, Printers, Scanners, Projectors
  • Televisions, DVD Players, VCR’s, Games consoles
  • Stereo systems, MP3 Players, Personal stereos
  • Antiques and Paintings
  • Power tools, Lawn mowers, Other garden equipment
  • Industrial machinery, Scaffolding components

....and any other items of value which might be at risk.

Benefits of SelectaDNA

  • The synthetic DNA used is totally secure.
  • Unauthorised parties are unable to analyse or copy SelectaDNA due to its ‘Unique signature’ and ‘Key codes’.
  • It is simple and quick to apply.
  • Contains a UV tracer and Microdots (which contain our freephone database number and unique customer code).
  • Product options available for different applications.
  • Details held on LPS1224 database, as recommended by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers).
  • SelectaDNA is environmentally safe and is non-toxic.


Price list

Type of kitNumber of items kit will markCost of kit
HomeAt least 50£59.50 inc. VAT
Vehicle & ContentsN/A£59.50 inc. VAT
Small CommercialAt least 100£109.00
Medium Commercial*At least 500£370.00
Large Commercial*At least 1,000£625.00
All prices exclude VAT unless otherwise stated


* Kits come with repeatable unique DNA.

We also offer Reflective Outdoor Warning Signs (size 30x30cm) at £9.50 + VAT each, to attach to gates, fencing, exterior walls etc.

All kits contain warning labels, window stickers, application instructions and a UV Keyring Light (please see our UV lamp page for a selection of larger, more powerful units). The Commercial kits also contain a 30x30cm reflective outdoor warning sign.

To order online, please click here or alternatively contact us on 01689 860757.

More details can be found at the product website at


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