SelectDNA a big hit at Housing Conference in Harrogate

Selectamark Security Systems plc chose the Chartered Institute of Housing Annual Conference and Exhibition 2007 to introduce their ground-breaking Forensic Coding product SelectaDNA to the UK housing market.

SelectaDNA is Selectamark’s latest crime prevention tool, and since its launch in 2005 it has helped protect tens of thousands of homes, schools and businesses throughout the UK, achieving burglary reduction figures as high as 85%, and eliminating theft entirely in many instances.

There was huge interest from a wide variety of organisations, all of which immediately saw the benefits of supplying SelectaDNA Home kits to tenants, in order to greatly reduce the risk of them being broken into, as well as reducing the fear of crime in their community.

At the show, Selectamark joined forces with leading social housing and community management provider Pinnacle to launch a new service called Safe & Secure. Through home visits on behalf of social landlords and the local fire authority, the aim of the service is to improve the safety of thousands of tenants by reducing burglaries and fires in social housing. At the launch in the Queens Suite, exhibitors and delegates to the exhibition were able to have their mobile phones marked with SelectaDNA.

Also during the show, Selectamark were honoured to welcome Cora Carter MBE onto their stand. Cora, Chair of Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing and board member of TAROE (Tenants’ and Residents’ Organisation of England), thought that SelectaDNA was an invaluable crime prevention tool which would undoubtedly help improve the quality of life of many tenants all over the UK.

Overall the exhibition was a huge success for Selectamark, and through the supply of SelectaDNA home kits over the coming months it hopes to help the housing sector provide safer, more secure neighbourhoods and communities for many UK tenants.


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