Selectamark Puts Best Foot Forward

TAKING a step in a different direction, security firm Selectamark recently entered the world of art.

As part of British Art Show 6 at the Cornerhouse gallery in Manchester, Selectamark donated marking labels for 300 pairs of shoes that were used in M-path, an exhibition by artist Adam Chodzko.

All visitors to M-path were invited to swap their own shoes for a second-hand pair for the duration of their visit. The concept being ‘if you put yourself in someone’s else’s shoes, can you see the world as they do?’

The shoes, which were donated through door-to-door collections in Manchester, were intended to directly influence the visitor’s walk through the show.

Adam Chodzko said: “The wearer might interpret this as an act of cruelty or instead the loaned footwear could feel like a new pleasure.”

He continued: “We leave our shoes at the entrance to a mosque, temple, Japanese restaurant, and certain friends’ houses with ‘special’ floors. We exchange our shoes for more appropriate footwear in bowling alleys and ice-skating rinks. M-path is the way you end up walking when you’re in someone else’s shoes.”

Once M-path finishes its run - the exhibition is also being staged at galleries in Bristol and Nottingham - the donated shoes will be sent to a relief charity in Mali.

Selectamark’s James Brown said: “We were more than happy to supply the marking labels for M-path to make sure that the donated shoes – which were so vital to the exhibition - did not go missing. This was something completely different for Selectamark to get involved with and we were pleased to be able to support this artistic venture.”


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