Selectamark moves into the driving seat

In an exciting new venture, security firm Selectamark Security Systems plc has shifted up a gear by winning a contract to mark the prestigious collection of vehicles at the world-renowned National Motor Museum, at Beaulieu in Hampshire.

In order to protect against theft, the company’s new SELECTADNA product will be applied to each of the 250 valuable exhibits at the Museum, which traces the story of motoring from 1894 to today.

SELECTADNA is a water-based adhesive containing a unique identity signature that runs through the liquid, as does human DNA through blood. It is the first product in the world to have such secure features and is the only secure DNA system with a locked-in code which means it cannot be replicated or de-coded.

Jim Brown, chairman of Selectamark, said: “We are thrilled to be involved with the Museum in this unique marking scheme. SELECTADNA has already been used successfully to reduce theft in property marking schemes and we are confident that it will help protect this important collection for future generations to enjoy.”

The National Motor Museum opened in 1952 with five cars in the front hall of Palace House, the Montagu family’s home. However, the collection was later moved to a dedicated museum on the estate in 1972. The 7,000-acre estate on which the museum stands originally belonged to Henry VIII, but was sold to the Montagu family in the 16th century.

Main attractions at the museum include an extensive selection of authentic vehicles featured in the James Bond films, including the Jaguar XKR Roadster used in ‘Die Another Day’, the world-record jumping boat from ‘Live and Let Die’ and the world’s first ever jet ski from ‘The Spy Who Loved Me.’

Also popular is the collection of celebrity cars owned by music legends such as Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Mark Knopfler. There are also cars once owned by stars of the ‘silver screen’ including Marlene Dietrich, and TV ‘car stars’ such as Mr Bean’s Mini and Del Boy’s Reliant.

Motorcycles on display include on- and off-road models and competition bikes. Racers of several eras are suspended on three floor-to-ceiling steel trackways and a re-created 1930s garage is furnished with original tools and fixtures, complete with a Hillman Minx out front.

To celebrate the UK’s outstanding achievements in motor racing in Grand Prix, at Le Mans and in rallying, star exhibits in the Motorsport Gallery include Britain’s oldest complete racing car, the 1903 Napier; Michael Schumacher’s 1994 World Championship Benetton; Damon Hill’s 1996 World Championship Williams; and the Vanwall which Stirling Moss drove to victory in 1958.

Star Exhibits

1903 De Dion (French) – one of the museum’s original five cars displayed

1899 Daimler – John Douglas-Scott Montagu’s car; driven into House of Commons yard in London

1903 Napier – first British racing car

1935 Auburn (American) – belonged to actress Marlene Dietrich

Bluebird – set world land speed record of 403.1 mph in 1964

Mr Bean’s car – appeared in the comedy TV series Mr Bean, starring Rowan Atkinson


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