Industrial estate creates ‘No Go’ area for thieves

BUSINESSES on the biggest industrial estate in Winsford, Cheshire, are using pioneering DNA technology to tackle theft, making it a ‘no go’ area for criminals.

Thieves who try to steal from any of the 120 firms on the estate risk taking equipment that is marked with a unique DNA liquid called SelectaDNA, the latest product from Kent-based security specialists Selectamark.

SelectaDNA is a water-based adhesive with a locked in DNA code, in addition to a unique microdot and UV marker protection that cannot be replicated or de-coded.

Winsford Industrial Estate manager, Mike Kelly, said: “Every business has decided to use SelectaDNA and I’m sure it will put thieves off attempting to commit offences here. Police custody suites in Cheshire will be looking out for this, so criminals know they will be caught if they try to steal from the Estate.”

The scheme was launched to help the businesses avoid becoming victims of theft before Christmas. Mr Kelly said: “Traditionally this is the time when businesses are most likely to be targeted. Close-down periods like Christmas are high risk for businesses so we were really keen to get this sorted as soon as possible.”

The companies, including H&M, Brand Express and Arriva North West and Wales, decided to look into ways of preventing crime on the estate after a spate of burglaries five years ago, which saw £500,000 of property stolen during a six-month period.

Mr Kelly said: “We were asked at that time to look into ways to protect businesses as part of a consultation. This scheme has come about as a result of a Business Improvement District plan and every business on the estate has signed up for it.
The businesses chose SelectaDNA to protect their property after careful evaluation of the products on the market.”

Chris Taylor, managing director of Selectamark, said: “This is the first time we have used SelectaDNA to mark all property on an industrial estate, but residential schemes in other parts of the UK have seen a dramatic 85% reduction in crime. We are confident that the businesses on the Winsford Industrial Estate will benefit from a similar drop in crime and will have peace of mind over Christmas knowing their equipment is properly protected.”


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