Dockyard Residents Make Their Mark

RESIDENTS on a south London housing estate are aiming to reduce theft in the area by using the latest in DNA marking products to mark their property and motor vehicles.

As part of a police-backed crime reduction initiative, a total of 465 homes on the.

Woolwich Dockyard Estate have received SelectaDNA marking kits, supplied by security firm Selectamark, with a further 1,400 kits being offered to victims of burglary throughout the coming year.

Whilst crime levels on the estate are considered by police to be “moderate” at present, it has been known as a hotspot area in the past. Recently, there has been a rise in the theft of satellite navigation systems from cars parked on the estate.

SelectaDNA consists of a water-based adhesive which has a unique identity signature running through the liquid, as does human DNA through blood. The product, which is contained in a small bottle, can be easily applied onto personal equipment – such as computers, cameras and DVD players - dries within a minute and is visible using an ultra violet lamp.

One of the main advantages of using a marking product like SelectaDNA is that it is virtually impossible to remove traces of it and identification can be made from tiny specks the size of a pin head. Tiny microscopic dots have also been introduced into the product and each of these shows a unique serial number and the database telephone number which will enable the identification of a marked item.

Also, as part of the month-long initiative, “talking” street signs have been introduced, which relay crime reduction messages to would-be offenders. The signs are prominently displayed around the estate.

Local police officer Steve Scoulding said: “The estate is a model area for this initiative as it incorporates a wide range of housing from local government-owned flats to privately-owned homes.”

Victims of repeat crime on the estate will also be given free SelectaDNA marking kits. This is expected to reduce further incidents of theft of their property by up to 14 per cent.

Jim Brown, chairman of Selectamark, said: “Over the years Selectamark has carried out over 100 police schemes around the UK covering property security. We are very pleased that SelectaDNA is being used to help the police tackle theft on the Woolwich Dockyard Estate and we are confident that residents will see a drop in crime as a result.”

SelectaDNA was recently awarded a ‘Secured By Design’ license, making it a police-approved product.


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