Another ‘’ success story

Recently, a young boy had cycled his way to school on a Friday morning. However, at the end of the day he had got a lift home by car and it was decided that the bicycle should be left overnight locked to the railings, to be collected the following day.

On Saturday morning, a lady in Impington, Cambridge found a bicycle abandoned in her garden and promptly called the police who went along and collected the bicycle.

Officers Hales and Davis examined the bike and discovered that it had been permanently marked and registered on the database under a police marking initiative carried out on thousands of bicycles in Cambridge. The officers rang the database that was able to supply the owners name and address.  Histon Police were then able to advise the owners that they had recovered the stolen bike.

At the time they were advised of the recovery, the owners were as yet unaware that it had been stolen.

The young lad is now able to cycle to school again…...........and home!


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