Custom Labels - The Issue of Brand Protection

The use of custom labels is proving a highly successful means of protecting equipment in the workplace and the majority of custom labels utilised today tend to incorporate company logos, particulary when it comes to brand protection issues.

Most businesses operating today tend to have a large amount of corporate property, often in the form of intellectual assets, which they wish to safeguard. In order to do this, custom labels are invariably utilised as they offer a highly tamper-proof and secure means of securing all sorts of company property ranging from documents and data sticks to personal computers and telephonic equipment. Regardless of the type of property that you wish to protect against theft or keep better track of, it is possible to find a form of custom labels that will more than meet your needs. The issue of workplace theft is a fairly problematic one but many of the world’s leading corporations are discovering that through the utilisation of asset tags and custom labels they are not only making their equipment more secure by using a tangible deterrent but they are also facilitating the improved tracking capabilities that are inherent in many forms of barcode and custom labels. It is proving to be a highly cost effective manner of safeguarding equipment and more and more companies are expected to use custom labels for their brand protection and equipment safeguarding in 2009.

Custom Labels - Preventing Counterfeiting of Valuable Assets

It is safe to say that many businesses have assets that need to be safeguarded for reasons other that external value. For example, documents containing highly valuable information are just as, if not more, valuable than expensive electronic equipment and many decide to protect these documents through the use of custom labels. The way in which custom labels work is that company’s carefully tailor the custom labels to suit their needs in terms of size, shape and the inclusion of their own company logo, and these highly secure and tamper proof custom labels have the capacity to act as a deterrent to theft or unauthorised use. The fact that custom labels are obviously highly customisable means that it is extremely difficult for them to be replicated of counterfeited successfully.

Custom Labels - Peace of Mind

In the highly competitive world of business, it is important to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your assets are well protected an more and more industries are learning that custom labels are a highly proficient and cost effective means of achieving this goal. Custom labels can be, in most cases, be crafted to your own unique specifications and these bespoke designs help to secure your valuable assets, both economic and intellectual.

Speak To SelectaMark About Custom Labels

SelectaMark have been at the forefront of the forensic coding industry since 1985 and have helped homeowners, businesses and schools mark over 25 million valuable items. The forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark dramatically reduce the likelihood of theft as they deter would be thieves due to the durability of the DNA residue used in the products. SelectaMark’s products are recommended by many major insurance companies and are an excellent way to lower premiums. SelectaMark is the first true DNA marking system on the market and can mark any item of value using synthetic DNA which cannot be copied or analysed by unauthorised parties. To find out more about the forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark, just call 01689 860757 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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