Custom Labels - Tamper Proof Security Measures with Custom Labels

One of the most crucial and important aspects of custom labels is their capacity to be tamper proof in order to provide a high level of security and more and more industries are opting for custom labels in their workplace for this very reason.

By making use of asset tags or custom labels that are tamper proof, you are considerely increasing the security of the equipment in your office. Of course, it goes without saying, custom labels that are tamper proof are applicable for every sort of equipment found in the workplace but they are an excellent security measure for expensive technological equipment such as computers, printers, phones and various other items that it is necessary to keep safe in the workplace. The anti-tamper feature of the majority of custom labels is the springboard for their success because thieves realise that they won’t be able to remove the asset tags without leaving an indellible mark that links the stolen property to the company of its origin. It is crucial that everything that can be done is done to help prevent the problem of theft of equipment from the workplace and the use of custom labels and asset tags is certainly proving to be one of the methods that boast the most tangible levels of success.

Custom Labels - Main Varieties of Tamper Proof Custom Labels

It is, of course, necessary to dovetail your choice of tamper proof custom labels with the sort of object that you are looking to protect or prevent misuse or unauthorised access to. There are many security measures inherent in the use of custom labels, of which tamper proofing is one of the most successful. Just a few varieties of the ways that custom labels are made tamper proof include:

Voided Custom Labels - A very popular choice when it comes to custom labels is the tamper proof variety that leaves a ‘void’ mark if someone attempts to remove it. As such, if you utilise custom labels that incorporate such safety precautions, you can feel assured that your valuable assets in the workplace are protected.

Patterned Custom Labels - One of the most obvious means by which to customise custom labels is to include patterns that can’t be replicated in the same way and will inextricably link the property to your company. Custom labels can incorporate things like barcodes and tracking facilitiies which can heighten their level of security and the tangible success of custom labels in protecting property is set to see the use of custom labels and asset tags skyrocket in 2009.

Speak To SelectaMark About Custom Labels

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