Custom Labels - Safe and Secure

It is fair to say that many businesses today have highly valuable equipment on their premises and more and more are finding that custom labels are one of the best means by which to secure against theft or loss.

With all sorts of equipment now prevalent in the workplace ranging from personal computers to expensive telephonic equipment, it is important to carry out safety precautions to safeguard these objects from theft. Custom labels or asset tags are proving to be one of the most commonly utilised methods of deterring would be thieves as they realise that items secured with custom labels have many insumountable problems to overcome if they are stolen. For example, custom labels can with many different varieties of warnings that become permanently etched on the item if someone endeavours to remove the custom labels. The most frequently used warning for custom labels tends to be the ‘Void’ variety which leaves the word across the item if the custom labels are removed and this is one such reason that thieves realise they is little to be gained from stealing objects protected with asset tags or custom labels because they will be impossible to move on.

Custom Labels - Fighting Theft

Workplace theft is a large problem in the UK but more and more corporations are beginning to counteract the problem through the use of custom labels applied for security purposes. Custom labels or asset tags have many well conceived features that make them highly proficient in the deterrence of theft and this is why some of the world’s leading corporation now utilise custom labels as their principle security measure for their workplace equipment. Just a few of the features that custom labels use to help safeguard against theft typically include:

Destructible Custom Labels - Many types of custom labels come in destructible form which makes it impossible to remove and then endeavour to reapply the security tag and leaves an indelible mark after its removal to provide a tangible theft deterrent.

Microembossed Custom Labels - By microembossing custom labels or asset tags you are increasing the level of security for that object significantly. Microembossed custom labels are impossible to tamper with and provides a visual deterrent to would be thieves. Microembossed custom labels is an extremely cost effective means of providing a high level of security for your workplace equipment.

Speak To SelectaMark About Custom Labels

SelectaMark have been at the forefront of the forensic coding industry since 1985 and have helped homeowners, businesses and schools mark over 25 million valuable items. The forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark dramatically reduce the likelihood of theft as they deter would be thieves due to the durability of the DNA residue used in the products. SelectaMark’s products are recommended by many major insurance companies and are an excellent way to lower premiums. SelectaMark is the first true DNA marking system on the market and can mark any item of value using synthetic DNA which cannot be copied or analysed by unauthorised parties. To find out more about the forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark, just call 01689 860757 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)



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