Custom Labels - Answering the Custom Labels FAQs

The emergence of asset tags and custom labels in the workplace has been a fairly rapid one and it is certainly a trend that is set to continue as custom labels have already proved to be an excellent means of preventing unauthorised access.

In order for a company to make the most of custom labels or asset tags, it is important to be fully aware of the way in which they function and what it is that you have to do to make the most of custom labels in your own work environment. Obviously, it goes without saying, custom labels are often bespoke to each individual company because they offer the capacity to tailor them to your own specific needs and uses by incorporating a number of features such as company logos and sequential barcodes. Custom labels are proving to be a success both in terms of deterring theft but often with the recovery of stolen goods as well. Many forms of asset tags or custom labels have features that are not only preventative but also help with the location of objects through tracking features like barcodes. However, in order to make custom labels work within your business environment it is imperative to look at some of the most commonly asked questions about custom labels, asset tags and barcode labels.

Custom Labels - Knowledge is Power

It is clear that custom labels or security tags now have one of the most integral roles to play in safeguarding valuable equipment in the workplace and, as such, it is important to understand how custom labels work and how they can help you to make your business premises secure. Just a few of the most commonly asked questions pertaining to custom labels include:

Q: Are custom labels the right choice for my business?

A: Well, if you have any equipment that is of value and you wish to discourage theft then, yes, custom labels can be of considerable use to you and your company. Custom labels offer a much higher level of security as they are not as prone to counterfeit. Custom labels can be tailored in a number of different ways to fit in with your needs and make your equipment as secure as possible.

Q: How do custom labels actually work?

A: In essence, the main way that custom labels help to safeguard your equipment is by, firstly, acting as a visual deterrent to theft but also, and equally as importantly, custom labels leave a mark on the surface of any equipment if anyone unauthorised endeavours to remove the label from the equipment in question, which makes the equipment much less desirable to thieves.

Q: Are custom labels expensive?

A: Far from it. Custom labels are certainly one of the most cost effective means of protecting your office equipment from unauthorised use or theft. There are a multitude of ways is which custom labels can be uniquely crafted to suit your own particular business needs and it is this versatility that makes custom labels the obvious choice for workplace security.

Speak To SelectaMark About Custom Labels

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