Barcode Labels - Important Information about Barcode Labels

The benefits of barcode labels of plain to see but what not might be so obvious is the technology behind how barcode labels work. It is important to get to grips with this in order to find the right barcode labels for your needs.

The most simplified way of thinking about the code on barcode labels is as a form of Morse code which is read by machines in order to provide data about the products to which barcode labels are attached. Barcode labels are merely a number of dots and dashes which combine to make narrow bars and wider bars and it is these bars that underpin all the actions of barcode labels and the usefulness of these labels in some of the largest industries in the world is testament to just how important barcode labels have become to the running of a business today. Barcode labels are typically read by a laser scanner and as technology improves so to does the amount of data contained within barcode labels. Light from barcode labels reflects back into the scanner and this is how the data contained in the series of lines is relayed and made into tangible information that can be used e.g. how much stock remains or the location of certain items within your business premises.

Barcode Labels – Made to Measure

Barcodes and barcode labels utilise a format known as Characters Per Inch (CPI) in which to store the requisite data that has been inputted into them. Barcode labels are now capable of holding considerable amounts of data which goes far beyond the mere price of the product as was once the case. Barcode labels tend to be utilised more in industrial type industries which have a high turnover of stock on a daily basis. The use of asset tags and custom labels isn’t quite the same as barcode labels as these are more for security purposes whereas barcode labels tend to more commonly used for tasks such as asset tracking and stock checking.

Barcode Labels – Environmental Factors

It is crucial to consider the various elements that your barcode labels will be subjected when it comes to picking which are right for you. For example, you need to take factors such as whether the products you put your barcode labels on are outdoors, subjected to chemicals, heat, water and various adverse conditions that are likely to affect its overall functionality.

Speak To SelectaMark About Barcode Labels

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