Asset Tags - Match Made in Heaven

Asset tags are heavily reliant on their adhesive qualities of course and you will need to ensure that any piece of equipment or property you choose to safeguard with asset tags has been suitably prepared for the job.

Asset tags can be extremely durable providing that you ensure that the surface on which they are placed is well prepared beforehand. Asset tags are one of the most successful forms of anti-theft device in the UK at present so it is important not to negate their effectiveness by not preparing your equipment and property properly before applying the asset tags. There are a number of conditions that can inhibit asset tags from operating at their most functional level and by garnering an understanding of exactly how it is that asset tags work and how they safeguard your property from theft, you will be able to ensure that all your asset tags are working to protect your valuable equipment from opportunistic thieves. Asset tags not only help in the sense that they act as a deterrent, they also come in a number of different guises which can help with the location and recovery of stolen goods and the prosecution of those who were responsible for the theft in the first place.

Asset Tags – Be Prepared

Asset tags are a highly cost effective and efficient means of subduing the threat of theft from the workplace but it is important to realise that in order for them to work at their best, you will need to ensure that all the property that you wish to safeguard with asset tags have been properly prepared for their application. Certain types of asset tags are designed to be tamper proof, whereas other types of asset tags are crafted with the intention of falling apart and leaving an indelible mark if someone tries to remove them. Regardless of what form of asset tags you ultimately opt for, you will still need to make sure that you properly prepare the surfaces which they are to be adhered to.

Asset Tags – Surface Factors

Obviously, the type of material on the surface of products that you wish to safeguard with asset tags is likely to vary drastically. For example, personal computers have a type of surface which is highly amenable to the application of asset tags, with plenty of flat surface space and a plastic surface, whereas there are other items which may be more difficult such as irregularly shaped metal objects. However, with careful preparation and application, asset tags can be applied to almost any surface of item.

Speak To SelectaMark About Asset Tags

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