Asset Tags - Location, Location, Location

Asset tags are a popular means of anti-theft for homes and offices across the UK and they are likely to increase in usage as their benefits emerge. It is important to place asset tags in the right place for them to have the right impact.

In order for asset tags to function optimally, they need to be positioned just right so they can act as an effective anti-theft device. It is obviously of little use initially for products to be safeguarded by asset tags if the potential thief isn’t completely aware of the measure, so, the placement of asset tags needs to be in a fairly inconspicuous place, in order to prevent wanton vandalism, but also for them to act as a sufficient deterrent to would-be thieves. This isn’t to say that asset tags can’t assist in the recovery of products which have been stolen because asset tags do indeed use a number of methods in order to facilitate the return of stolen property but, as they say, ‘prevention is better than the cure’, so, by placing you asset tags in a location on the commodity whereby they are likely to be seen does significantly reduce the likelihood of a burglar taking the chance of stealing the item.

Asset Tags – Picking your Spot

Asset tags are rapidly emerging as one of the most popular means of curbing thefts from the workplace and there is little surprise in this given the innovative methods that asset tags employ to initially deter and, if required, help recover stolen products. However, the first element to consider when deploying asset tags is exactly where on the product to place them in order for them to function effectively. When placing asset tags on the commodities in your office, the following guidelines should be taken into consideration:

Clean – Make sure that any surface that you are using for asset tags is clean in the first instance is continued to be kept clean. Asset tags will perform better in clean conditions, so, this should be born in mind when choosing where to place them on an item.
Flat & Dry – Any surface which you choose for your asset tags will need to be both flat and dry. Don’t place asset tags on uneven surfaces as this will likely affect their adhesive qualities.
Place Carefully – Try to avoid getting your own fingerprints on the adhesive part of asset tags as this not only jeopardises their adhesiveness but also may be misinterpreted if the equipment is stolen.

Speak To SelectaMark About Asset Tags

SelectaMark have been at the forefront of the forensic coding industry since 1985 and have helped homeowners, businesses and schools mark over 25 million valuable items. The forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark dramatically reduce the likelihood of theft as they deter would be thieves due to the durability of the DNA residue used in the products. SelectaMark’s products are recommended by many major insurance companies and are an excellent way to lower premiums. SelectaMark is the first true DNA marking system on the market and can mark any item of value using synthetic DNA which cannot be copied or analysed by unauthorised parties. To find out more about the forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark, just call 01689 860757 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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