Asset Tags Explained - Exploring how Asset Tags Safeguard your Property

Anyone who has ever been burgled or a victim of theft will know how frustrating it can be to lose property. Asset tags are helping pinpoint stolen goods and many individuals and companies now use asset tags on their premises.

As the prevalence of theft tends to increase across the UK more and more homeowners and businesses are looking for means by which to safeguard their property. Asset tags are fast becoming one of the most utilised forms of defence against theft and burglary largely because of the fact that asset tags are proving to be amongst the most successful methods of not only preventing theft but also in terms of recovering goods which have been stolen. There are of course many reasons to protect your property or assets, not least their value both intrinsically and financially. Asset tags are a highly proficient means of safeguarding your goods and asset tags offer a technology advanced and indelible mark which will help to provide evidence that any disputed property resulting from a theft or burglary does indeed belong to you.

Asset Tags – Protecting Your Company’s Valuable Commodities

The are so many valuable commodities to be found business premises up and down the country and this is something that has escaped the attention of criminals as many see offices as an easy target when it comes to theft. Fortunately, however, the emergence of asset tags is making this increasing a thing of the past as burglars are now realising that asset tags make it impossible to get away clean from a theft. The way in which asset tags operate is extremely beneficial to property owners in the sense that asset tags make it both easy to locate a stolen piece of property and the fact they leave a mark which is impossible to remove but not immediately obvious to the naked eye if someone tries to remove the asset tags from the piece of property which they are safeguarding.

Asset Tags – The Importance of Barcodes on Asset Tags

Asset tags are, of course, very efficient anti-theft devices in their own right but by including a barcode with your asset tags, you are essentially ensuring that you have an inventory of your business property at your fingertips. This is particularly imperative for company property that is regularly out of the office for field use or repair as asset tags with barcodes will help ensure that it isn’t lost or replaced.

Speak To SelectaMark About Asset Tags

SelectaMark have been at the forefront of the forensic coding industry since 1985 and have helped homeowners, businesses and schools mark over 25 million valuable items. The forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark dramatically reduce the likelihood of theft as they deter would be thieves due to the durability of the DNA residue used in the products. SelectaMark’s products are recommended by many major insurance companies and are an excellent way to lower premiums. SelectaMark is the first true DNA marking system on the market and can mark any item of value using synthetic DNA which cannot be copied or analysed by unauthorised parties. To find out more about the forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark, just call 01689 860757 or email mailto:[email protected]


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