Asset Tags - Customising your Anti-theft Endeavours

Asset tags are starting to lead the fight against theft in the workplace and it is little wonder given the way in which asset tags work. One of the key features of asset tags is that they are customisable and this crucial for business use.

Asset tags are a fairly modern innovation and more and more companies across the UK are beginning to realise the overt benefits that asset tags have when it comes to preventing theft in the first instance and also assisting in the recovery of any goods that have been stolen. The fact that asset tags are customisable in a number of ways is making them the ideal anti-theft devices for many business premises up and down the country as they seek to safeguard their valuable equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, phones and various electrical equipment which is commonplace in the work environment. Asset tags work in a two fold manner essentially, in the sense that they will make any potential thief reticent to steal the property because most thieves are now au fait with how effective asset tags are when it comes to the recovery of stolen goods and asset tags also leave an indelible mark on stolen property which ably assists in its recovery.

Asset Tags – Branding your Property for Security Reasons

A great many leading companies in the UK are now beginning to utilise asset tags to customise the office property for security purposes. Asset tags can be crafted in such a way to ensure that your company logo, name and address remains on any property of your choosing indefinitely which obviously makes such property much less attractive to potential criminals and thieves. By customising your property to be unequivocally linked to your business through the use of asset tags is proving highly successful in the fight against office based theft, particularly in the form of personal computers and electronic equipment.

Asset Tags – Preventing Theft

Asset tags are an extremely successful means of addressing the growing problem of theft from the workplace and this is a factor that in not going unnoticed by many leading corporations around the country. There are now a great deal of business premises that have chosen to safeguard their property through the use of asset tags and this is a trend that is set to continue as businesses become increasingly aware of their tangible benefits.

Speak To SelectaMark About Asset Tags

SelectaMark have been at the forefront of the forensic coding industry since 1985 and have helped homeowners, businesses and schools mark over 25 million valuable items. The forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark dramatically reduce the likelihood of theft as they deter would be thieves due to the durability of the DNA residue used in the products. SelectaMark’s products are recommended by many major insurance companies and are an excellent way to lower premiums. SelectaMark is the first true DNA marking system on the market and can mark any item of value using synthetic DNA which cannot be copied or analysed by unauthorised parties. To find out more about the forensic coding products on offer from SelectaMark, just call 01689 860757 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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