Asset Tags - A Myriad of Options

As far as anti-theft devices go, few are proving as successful as asset tags in this endeavour and thousands of business premises now utilise asset tags. There are many different types of asset tags for varying situations and property.

Asset tags are available in a number of different forms and deciding which variety of asset tags are right for you depend on a multitude of factors. For example, the type of property you are safeguarding against theft, the size of the objects and their manoeuvrability will all have a bearing on a company’s choice of asset tags. For any corporation worried about the safety of their company property, asset tags will come as a welcome relief as they not only help to put off potential thieves but also facilitate much easier locating of stolen goods. The key feature of asset tags is the fact that they leave an indelible mark on a piece of property if anyone attempts to remove them and asset targets, in their many different guises, are proving highly beneficial in the ongoing fight against theft in both business and residential properties. Asset tags are and economically viable and highly effective means of protecting your valuable property and, if the worst should happen, help to reunite you with your stolen property as soon as possible.

Asset Tags – Taking a Look at the Main Types of Asset Tags

Asset tags are becoming so popular in the fight against theft that they are now available in many different forms in order to meet the varying demands of business premises. Just some of the most commonly utilised forms of asset tags utilised include:

Destructible Asset Tags – The most commonly utilisation for this type of asset tags is within the building industry to protect work equipment and tools from theft. These asset tags will destruct completely if someone tries to remove them which leaves a mark on all the equipment.
Metal Asset Tags – The primary use for metal asset tags is for use on office based electrical equipment; predominantly in the form of PCs. Using asset tags on computers helps to safeguard them against theft.
Void Asset Tags – A highly efficient means of putting off thieves. These asset tags are so effective because if someone endeavours to remove them, they will leave a “void” mark upon the property.
Barcode Asset Tags – This form of asset tags tend to be utilised in warehouse type business premises as they allow for inventories to be at a person fingertips and will show when any stock is unaccounted for.

Speak To SelectaMark About Asset Tags

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